Historian Reacts // Oversimplified – WW2 (Part 1)

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  1. My favorite anthem of the Axis powers is the Italian one:
    Hail, people of heroes!
    Hail, immortal fatherland!
    Your sons were reborn
    With a faith and an ideal,
    The bravery of our soldiers,
    The virtue of pioneers,
    The vision of Alighieri,
    Shines today in every heart!
    Youth, youth, spring of beauty,
    In the hardships of life,
    Your song rings out and goes!
    Youth, youth, spring of beauty,
    In the hardships of life,
    Your song rings out and goes!

    In the Italian borders,
    The Italians are being remade,
    Mussolini has reforged them,
    Ready for the war of tomorrow,
    For the labor of the party,
    For the peace and for the laurels,
    For the shame of those
    Who repudiated the fatherland!
    Ye poets and artisans,
    Ye lords and countrymen,
    With the pride of an Italian,
    Swear fealty to Mussolini,
    No poor neighborhood exists,
    No country in the world,
    That does not send its hordes
    To aid in redeeming Fascism!
    Long life be to Il Duce,
    Long life be to Italy,
    He has led us back to glory,
    Which Caesar had laid out for us,
    Reuniting all the heroes,
    Under a single banner,
    Il Duce is completing
    What Caesar has begun so long ago!
    Youth, youth, spring of beauty,

    In the hardships of life,

    Your song rings out and goes!

    Youth, youth, spring of beauty,

    In the hardships of life,

    Your song rings out and goes!

  2. Yeah I don't blame the people for turning to extreme ideologies. Back then in those countries, democracy wasn't working, you're only two options were communism or fascism, they had ZERO choice. It was either turn to extremism or die.

  3. The Treaty of Versailles is why Hans Morgenthau, in "Politics Among Nations" (1947) argued that in the aftermath of a conflict, the victorious party must be benevolent to the defeated party. I wrote a paper once (the literature review was a hassle) arguing that WWII started the day WWI ended. Good paper, though early in my Masters Program

  4. If Putin invades Ukraine, which it looks like he will It then he’d look like the modern day version of Hitler. He’s already taken Crimea from them. Parts of Georgia are occupied by Russia as well. If he takes over the Donbas region of Ukraine, it will eerily compare to Germany’s actions leading up to WWII. What would make people think that he’d stop there? Not saying that WWIII is coming soon, but it may be possible if Russia takes things too far and if other countries become fed up with Putin. In my opinion the next consequence should be that Russia should suffer in the sense of losing territory. Sorry, but if you take something, you should lose something else. Which region would this be? Non other than the Kaliningrad oblast. Why? It’s simple! Taking this away from Russia would be a big blow to them since it would take away important access to the Baltic Sea and a eye on the region. This would be more severe of a punishment than any imaginable sanction. Trust me the rest of Europe / NATO wouldn’t mind them out of there. So the solution should be driving Russia out! The U.S. and whoever else would be willing to help would basically invade Kaliningrad and split it in half between the two countries that border the region. Poland would annex the southern half of the region, while Lithuania would incorporate the northern part into their country. It makes a lot of sense and it would be fair if these two countries were to be the new rightful owners of the territory. There’d be a lot less stress in the region for the future with a potential change like this. I know some people that live near the Russia-Poland border and they have told me that they would love it if there was some drastic change over there, especially when it pertains to their safety. What sucks also is that they’re also pretty close to the Belarus border. Another not so talked about crisis is happening there, where illegal migrants are being forced into Poland by the order of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Oh and guess who’s probably helping him? Yup, Vladimir Putin!

  5. My grandfather was a french soldier during WWII and he honestly told me that they understood very fast that they didn't stand a chance. They were still in shock with the atrocity in WWI and recoverded from it, and their equipment were far behind german's equipment.Even with bringing troops to the front, they used taxi because they didn't had serious vehicules to bring high numbers of troops. France wasn't ready at all for a new war and their weapons haven't improve since WWI

  6. Anti semitism was very much a thing, but also very much not just in Germany. Interesting historical footnote is U.S.Grant's General Order No. 11.
    Which also shows that the scapegoat idea wasn't new.

  7. Britain was just as bad as hitler was because Churchill was responsible for the black n tans and the bengal famine both India and Ireland were effected by Britain and when Britain tries to make itself look like the hero that is just sickening how people in Britain still see churchy as a leader.

  8. My thoughts are thus… oversimplification is one thing but we should never minimize it. Should we forget it, and fail to learn from it, we are destined, or doomed, to repeat it.

  9. I would like to add that when the German’s were sending civilian towards de Allie’s, just before the German’s encirclement movement. For some reason Hitler order to cease fire on the fleeing Allies. That’s a mystery of WWll that almost no one talks about….

  10. Great video I'm glad he mentioned the German soldiers were on meth, which obviously turned them into super soldiers. Also note that Herman Goering(another drug addict) was a huge failure as Luftwaffe Commander. You or I could have done much better.

  11. Why did Germany ask for the treaty of Versailles. If there were mutinees in the German army, maybe they should have tried to boost the morale by recruiting more soldiers to try to get on the attacking side! That treaty pretty much made Germany start WW2 and Nazism and more stuff

  12. 9:20 conflating communism with not being democratic is misleading here. You can have democratic communism, it just wasn't in this case. Maybe you meant to say capitalist

  13. The Japanese Civilian government has no Control of Military. The fact that IJN and IJA is only under the Emperor.

    But the Military attack China without any approval to China.

    But the Japanese people has no power to stop the Japanese.

    That's why when the ww2 end the Japanese civilians government. Remove emperor power over the country and not allow to support or even Vote to anyone.

    Their duty is only to be a ceremonial figure of Japan. The fact that even Japan today don't want to expand its Military. The JSDF is only aim to protect.

    And the Japanese Military has never been involved to any Military campaign in cold war.

    It didn't join in Korean war Vietnam war and even during Iraq invasion.

    So yah Japanese knows the crime committed by the Military.

    That's why they never wanted tge people in Japan to expand their Military anymore.

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