Hidden HATCH discovered in WW2 FOREST!

We explore some woods that have seen heavy fighting during WW2. There are many forgotten WW2 treasures still to be found here. Also we discover a hidden hatch that might originate from the war period.

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  1. so cool. also i think i found one of those while in my back yard. i was playing with my cousin when he ended up pulling up this hatch. it was covered with cobwebs and dirt, told him not to go in it(cause he was acting like he was gonna go in) and i still have it in my back yard. also this was recent

  2. If you would like to improve your videos lose the music. It overwhelms you sometimes and is very distracting when we're trying to listen to you. Thank you from Virginia USA

  3. You didn’t go inside ! You didn’t even open up the other hatch ? Is that because you know it’s not from WW11 ? The most interesting things you found , you didn’t explore !

  4. I suspect some guys got blown to bits there. And the naval insignia would possibly be navy that got transferred to the army, like excess luftwaffe aircrew and personnel were also. By 1945 the army needed riflemen.

  5. Most the time when you think of soldiers and war. You think of ruthless cold blooded battle ready men but then you add wedding rings to the mix of dead. It's sad and really eye opening that we all want the same thing. We all want to make our families proud and protect them or get more for them. All these men on both sides wanted nothing more than to go home with the person who they're wearing the ring for and raise their kids. We may always think we are the good guys in war. But does that make all the enemies bad guys. Or guys caught up in a bad situation no one wants to be in

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