EXTREMELY Rare Whisky Hip Flask Restoration from World War 2 Battle of Bulge

Restoration of an extremely rare World War 2 whisky hip flask found in a barn yard in the battlefields of Bulge. This is a Memorial Day edition to honour the fallen soldiers of World War 2 ❤

About this Whisky hip flask
I have never seen something like this before. It is beyond cool. I have bought it from a family who lives near Bastogne where the actual battle of Bulge took place in 1944. I got this whisky hip flask and a lot of other really cool relics with me home this time including a Medic bag and a Medic helmet (unfortunately the family has already had the helmet restored a few years back). This family has been living in Bastogne for many generations, and I was told that after the battles there was military “garbage” (war relics) left all over the place. You can still go to France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Belgium – yep most of Europe and do some awesome World War 1 and World War 2 founds. There were millions of military items left behind.

The restoration process
I know this is a special one, so I saved it for the US Memorial Day 2021. It was with a mix of respect and fear of not being able to restore this beautiful and rare whisky hip flask that I started this restoration. First, I Cleaned this relic with alcohol and soap and removed the WW2 Combat Medicine badge with blow torch. I was very careful not to melt the pewter and destroy the whisky flask. I soaked the badge in Russian vodka “Rocket fuel”.
I fixed and repaired a big dent in the bottom of the hip flask. For that I used heat and gentle hammer strokes.

I prepared the hip flask for casting by grinding and cleaning the big hole there was in this hip flask and fill it with casting sand. I filled the hole in the flask with pewter and after that I hand grinded it back to as good as it gets. I did a quick polish and attached the World War 2 Combat Medicine badge again and filled the hip flask with the VAT. 69 whisky which some of the soldiers used to drink in 1944.

I really liked this restoration and I hope that you enjoy this video. Please subscribe if you want to see more cool upcoming projects 🙂 And DON’T FORGET TO SEE my EXTREMELY RARE WW2 D-DAY LIGHTER RESTORATION –
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Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin
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  1. In this video I do a restoration of a very cool WW2 whisky hip flask – Please let me know what you think! This is a Memorial Day edition to honour the fallen soldiers of World War 2 ❤ The men who sacrificed their life for my freedom ❤ And DON’T FORGET TO SEE MY RARE WW2 PICKAXE RESTORATION – https://youtu.be/ilzpvBtPs_A

    Best wishes and stay safe ❤ Martin

  2. In battle they fall a salute to them all a drink will do well to escape from this hell = Na batalha eles fazem uma saudação a todos… Uma bebida fará bem para escapar deste inferno!

  3. До конца 44-го в Бельгии управляли всем фашисты и ни кто там не воевал. Бельгийцы капитулировали перед фашистам в 1940-м ещё до того как те напали на СССР и в 45-м их освободили американцы.

  4. Wow. I'm new to your channel and obsessed and will now binge watch them all lol. I love anything with a repurposing theme and your channel is exactly all about that. Your method of restoration is meticulous and incredibly detailed. Icing on the cake for me anyway is the filming and the clear view of being able to see your work in great details! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent, watching your videos is incredibly soothing and helps with my anxiety. Keep it up and the best of luck in your future endeavors. A fan from Canada 🙂

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