EXTREMELY Rare Whisky Hip Flask Restoration from World War 2 Battle of Bulge

Restoration of an extremely rare World War 2 whisky hip flask found in a barn yard in the battlefields of Bulge. This is a Memorial Day edition to honour the fallen soldiers of World War 2 ❤

About this Whisky hip flask
I have never seen something like this before. It is beyond cool. I have bought it from a family who lives near Bastogne where the actual battle of Bulge took place in 1944. I got this whisky hip flask and a lot of other really cool relics with me home this time including a Medic bag and a Medic helmet (unfortunately the family has already had the helmet restored a few years back). This family has been living in Bastogne for many generations, and I was told that after the battles there was military “garbage” (war relics) left all over the place. You can still go to France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Belgium – yep most of Europe and do some awesome World War 1 and World War 2 founds. There were millions of military items left behind.

The restoration process
I know this is a special one, so I saved it for the US Memorial Day 2021. It was with a mix of respect and fear of not being able to restore this beautiful and rare whisky hip flask that I started this restoration. First, I Cleaned this relic with alcohol and soap and removed the WW2 Combat Medicine badge with blow torch. I was very careful not to melt the pewter and destroy the whisky flask. I soaked the badge in Russian vodka “Rocket fuel”.
I fixed and repaired a big dent in the bottom of the hip flask. For that I used heat and gentle hammer strokes.

I prepared the hip flask for casting by grinding and cleaning the big hole there was in this hip flask and fill it with casting sand. I filled the hole in the flask with pewter and after that I hand grinded it back to as good as it gets. I did a quick polish and attached the World War 2 Combat Medicine badge again and filled the hip flask with the VAT. 69 whisky which some of the soldiers used to drink in 1944.

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