Execution of Alfred Jodl Nazi German General who signed the German Instrument of Surrender in ww2

Execution of Alfred Jodl Nazi German General who signed the German Instrument of Surrender in ww2
Alfred Jodl was a Nazi German General Colonel (Generaloberst) during ww1 and ww2 who served as the chief of the Operations Staff of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, the German Armed Forces High Command, throughout World War II. He was slightly injured during the 20 July plot of 1944 assassination attempt of Hitler. Jodl signed the Commissar Order of 6 June 1941 (in which Soviet political commissars were to be shot) and the Commando Order of 28 October 1942 (in which Allied commandos were to be executed immediately without trial if captured behind German lines). after the defeat of nazi Germany and Hitler suicide, Alfred Jodl signed the German Instrument of Surrender on 7 May 1945 in Reims as the representative of Dönitz and Nazi Germany surrendered in world war 2.

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Alfred Jodl image Credit: Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1971-033-01 / CC-BY-SA 3.0


  1. Ah, the total injustice of it all!! Yet another naive Top Senior German Staff Officer who knew absolutely nothing of the atrocities being perpetrated by those under him using his name & signature, be it to both military & civilians, as with 99.9999999999% of the German population. Methinks it would have been more appropriate if around March 1945 all Allied bomb making production had been reduced and the spare capacity transferred into the manufacture of pre-stretched hemp rope.

  2. A question. Does anyone know anything about "Women Order", allegedly signed by either Keitel or Jodl? "All women captured in uniform have to be executed on a spot" and such. I don't seem to come across the number nor the date of issue. Russians claimed the order existed and that the Wermaht followed it to the tee (at least at the initial stages of war). Looks like you guys know your staff. Can anyone help?

  3. You want to talk about war crimes let's talk about history the United States of America committed war crimes against German pows against civilians and against the Japanese empire they murdered thousands of people in Japan when they drop the atomic bomb were they brought up on war crimes no when they first dropped the first atomic bomb the b-29 bomber should have been brought up on war crimes for murdering babies pregnant women children that were not even born yet when they were still in the mother's senior citizens United States military murdered over 50,000 German civilians the United States military and government will never brought up on war crimes so why is it okay for the United States military and government to commit war crimes Against the world And to Get Away with it that is Double standard

  4. Jodl was not just a participant but a planner and executor of crimes against humanity. He directed staff for the invasion of Poland which included the assault on Jewish and Gypsy populations as if they were combatants. He directed the cabal of war against peaceful countries neighboring Germany, countries that never threatened Germany. There are consequences to immoral and lawless actions, even in war, especially if you planned that war. Jodl was a criminal and so was the entire German high command.

  5. Typical of the victors. Execute first and then work it out later. There are many allied officers and men who should ALSO have faced courts for war crimes. The victors write history, whether it be the truth or not.

  6. Vladimir Putin today would be accused of "crimes against peace" pursuant to the precedents set at Nuremberg. But then again, so should have been Stalin. Once again proving these trials tend to be revenge by the Victor delivering arbitrary justice.

  7. The Nuremberg Trials were largely more about revenge than justice. I'm sure there were allied officers from all countries who committed Nuremberg Trial type crimes during WWII but justice meted out to them will never take place.

  8. trudeau is next, then schwab, gates, fauci, biden, ardern, bourla, van der leyen, shi, johnson, the fatties from australia,etc,etc.etc.etc….all those in any way responsible for the plandermic, passports and lockdowns.

  9. That's nice. Jodl's widow got her property back. Not all the Jewish Nazi victims did. Meanwhile the German Bundestag / Parliament, Ministries of Justice, Finance in 1990 after reunification, legally stole for a third time since the illegal annexation of Austria in 1938, Berlin apartment buildings owned by Austrian Jewish Nazi victims. Now their descendants in an attempt to seek Justice have filed a lawsuit against Germany for Thefticide and Unjust enrichment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFkI-u5iSHM&t=6s

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