Ep#7: World War 2 Reasons – Why Did the Second World War Begin in 1939?

Causes of the second world war range from Japanese militarism, to political takeover from Hitler and the economic downturn in the late 1920s and early 1930s to the Treaty of Versailles, which was a complete and almost a total failure due to the distaste of many of the allied powers. In addition to that, after the first world war, there was a rise of Fascism in Europe which gave birth to leaders like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The rise of Fascism further escalated the political issues between countries in Europe after the first world war.

In this video, I discuss 6 main reasons behind world war 2 in Hindi.
Rise of Mussolini:
Expansionism, Industrialization and Militarism in Japan before WW2:
This is Episode #7 of my World War 2 series – this series covers the entire timeline of the second world war.

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  1. I think the hatred of French people towards Germans is deep rooted from 1871 German Unification and use of Versailes Palace. You should cover topic on German Unification and Bismark.

  2. Treaty of Versailles actually disrespected Germany and actual mistake was of that Serbian because he killed the king of Austria-Hungary.
    Main fault was of France and England because when they won the war they wanted the colonies of Germany in Africa as well as a lot of money to restart their economy because their economy was also in crash and due to this Germany was very disrespected.

  3. ट्रेनिग ले अभी ढोर एपिसोड खत्म करता कहीं है next एपिसोड शुरू कहीं से बावली गाड़

  4. Hitler had his revenge in 1940 during battle of France as he reached copeyn in France as he arranged the same Railway carriage where German surrendered in WW1. Here it was the opposite the French were humiliated to sign the surrender in the same carriage with hitler present.

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