Ep#3: Why & How Did Japan Start World War 2 | Meiji Restoration, Industrialization & Expansionism

Japan participated in World War 2 on the side of Axial forces and fought against Allied Nations, including United States, Britain and China. Before 1853, Japan was an isolated country and didn’t engage in trade with western countries. But after that, a phase of restoration called the Meiji Restoration swept across Japan. Japan then focused on industrialization and expansion of its military.

Japan fought against Germany’s colonies in the pacific in the first world war. But in 1931, it triggered the Manchurian crisis in China and in 1937, it engaged in the second Sino-Japanese war which merged with the larger world war 2 and ended in 1945.

In this video, I discuss in Hindi the role of Japan in world war 2; how it became a superpower and a force to be reckoned with in the second world war.

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