During WW2, This Genius Mathematician Saved 14 Million Lives

During World War II, the English mathematical genius Alan Turing tries to crack the German Enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians while attempting to come to terms with his troubled private life.


  1. The amazing thing is that now we all think it was just him, when in fact there where about 8000 people working with him. Even more he was not in charge. He was one cog in a gear. Yes he was a clever guy, yes he was gay, was he a hero, yes!… was one of the best, but not the best… did he invent the Computer. No….. We need to remember the others who are just, and in some cases more important.

  2. The problem i have with this is that it shows as this guy solo cracked the code, which wasn't the truth. Main reason enigma was cracked was due to work of polish mathematician Marian Ryjewski and others. They were 1st to crack the code in 1932 then 1939. Brits than nothing more than taking their work, finishing it and claiming the achievment.

    The guy in the movie is shown only bc he was gay, otgerwise the movie wouldn't exist or the entire cast would've been shown. It is so sad that politics overrun historical truth

  3. Damn, the movie is so shitty. Actually enigma was solved by Polish encrypters. The results of decoding enigma was "given to" British inteligence agency and now they claim that they did it. Nice, worth it.

  4. What was even the point of "pardoning" him after he'd been dead for just a year under 6 decades? Like sayin "yeh you saved us, we put you through it and made you kill yourself but yeh we forgive you" swear britian is stupid, i dont support gay people but i dont hate yall either, but the man was a hero and his sexuality shouldn't have been what defined him and what led to his end, real shame. RIP alan

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