Dogfighter: World War 2 – Official Announce Trailer | PS4

Sky Battle Royale! DOGFIGHTER -WW2- will start servicing in North America upcoming Fall, 2019.
Free to Play dogfighter where you compete in Battle Royale! Customize your own warplane and be the final survivor with maximum of 40 players!
We will also release the DLC β€œInto the Fire” as well as Free to Play Battle Royale.
You think you are ready?


  1. It seems every WW2 game that comes out today are F2P/P2W, Online-only, No-Story, Multiplayer-obsessed nausea. (many of which are dead within months and you can't play anyway)

  2. This game is all ready out in Asia/Japan (Free to play of course) and plays like absolute hot garbage with framedrops i swear going into sub-20fps digits. I wouldn't be surprised the game gets shut down after a year or so (like Operation 7 Revolution is this August)

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