Broken World War II Helmet Restoration

In this video, I will show the restoration of the World War 2 Romanian helmet . This model of helmet was M39 used by Romanian forces at the World War II. This is a copy of the Netherlands M34 helmet. This helmet has been in the ground for 75 years. This helmet I renovated to participate in military reconstructions.

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  1. From the moment I saw the clip thumbnail I said to myself that looks like a Romanian helmet. My grandfather who fought on the eastern front against the Russians most likely had one of these.
    He barely escaped from them, after his capture, to avoid being sent to Siberia. He spent like 2 years in the house hiding from the communists that took over the country. Bad times that we still pay for today…..

  2. It looks really good!

    Also if you don't mind, If the liner is a repro, where did you get it? I've been trying to find a liner that looks like the Dutch ww2 one but couldn't find anything.

  3. You need to add some metal rods & a battery charger to your rust tank and it will work twice as good & fast!

  4. This helmet should never be worn, rather; be put in a place of honor and your name should be recognized as the restorer with a picture of the “before” to honor soldiers and you ( you may be or have been a soldier) getting special recognition! Beautifully done by a real Artist. My Dad and 7 brothers served in the military. I am the only daughter and sister remaining-all my heroes and you too! WOW

  5. Better to have created a pattern and raised one from stock sheet steel. The porosity of the original makes it useless.

  6. Beautiful restoration, this helmet was worn by both the Dutch and the Romanian army during the Second World War.

  7. @UC8y3aWKDO4JZzcpCXwMGOzw
    restoration on bb 2 who is interested come in guys, a lot of interesting things

  8. I thought that there was no hope. How nice that you have the skill and desire to make this old helmet new. Thanks!!!!!😃😃😃😃

  9. Very nice work, but you missed the colour…your green spray is way too light in comparison with the original colour. I have a Romanian helmet in my collection in very good condition with the original paint and it is another green shade for sure. Otherwise…keep up the good work.

  10. Can you give me the recipe for the rust remover? How much from the C6H8O7 in the water? Thanks alot 🙂

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