British Couple Reacts to The Fallen of World War II

British Couple Reacts to The Fallen of World War II

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  1. Should check out the one eye'd Canadian named Leo Major who liberated a whole town and captured 90 nazis BY HIM SELF ……we can be pretty scary when we want to be us Canucks ;p

  2. I believe the UN being developed and started by the US and the other 4 countries who have permanent veto powers where if just 1 of the countries veto any substantial resolution has been instrumental in assuring this! Also with a few acceptions the US has been the world police due to being a superpower! Can you imagine if the USA decided to be a huge bad actor? Also with the exception of the American Natives, the US has given the countries back to the countries that was won, unlike history to even today! Also the USA happens to be allies with a lot of countries it once considered as enemies! US has made mistakes as any other country, but we try to learn from them. The US also gives more than any other country does! After destroying the enemies of WW2 we spent billions to Trillions in today's money to rebuild Europe and Japan with other smaller countries and it was both beneficial to both those countries and the US. Just over a year ago we had a massive energy independence than ever, but are now relying on the middle east again. This is what caused world powers to fight in the middle east because of the world being very dependent on it! I hope we can get rid of needing fossil fuels, but the US doesn't need to shoot itself in the foot either! The US is dependent upon legal Immigrants and is a huge pot of many different cultures and countries in which we are able to gather up some of the most brightest minds to advance in technology and other means! The US unites immediately if attacked on its own shores even as divided the US seems with MSM! I admire your admiration of a country that isn't yours by definition, but are in a bloodline and family trees to a certain extent! I wished that the lucky people who was born in the US, admired there own country as you two do! God bless!

  3. I think the most insane thing about the difference in deaths between WW1 and WW2 is that WW2 really started in Europe in no small part to the Treaty of Versailles which was the peace treaty at the end of WW1. It was probably one of the most demanding and unfair treaties in modern history authored by France and the UK, that it corrupted the nation socially, politically and economically which gave an easy way for Nazism and Facism to rise in Germany. Hitler promised the desperate and poor German people Glory and a better life and wrongfully named the Jewish people as perpetrators to their suffering and stopped at nothing to complete his vision and it cost the world 70 million lives extinguished to put and an end to him, Mussolini and Imperial Japan. I think the biggest lesson learned from WW1 and WW2 is that when the fighting is done, and the road to peace must be carefully laid down brick by brick, it's that we must be able to look upon our enemies of yesterday and try and guide them to the light. Help rebuild with those that are left or else we are just doomed to repeat the cycle of violence. If we cannot hold it in our hearts to forgive than later down the same road, the losers will not forget.

  4. What's great about "The Long Piece", is the fact that intel (for a target), technology, and a number of factors are what's making fatalities, and injuries in war to fall. Same with citizen casualties to drop. Statistically speaking.

    For example, to the point of making robots to fight for countries, eventually. We already have unmanned drones bombing countries, and gathering intel.

  5. I’m only at the start of the video so I don’t know if this will even be mentioned, but I doubt it will anyways so here’s an interesting WW2 story for you guys.

    When WW2 broke out, tons of Americans volunteered to go fight and many lied about their age to do so. The youngest American soldier to fight in WW2 signed up at the age of just 12 years old, after the attack on Pearl Harbor. His name was Calvin Graham and he was from my home state of Texas.

    About two months after joining the Navy the ship he was on, the USS North Dakota, was involved in a battle and the crew was awarded with a Navy Unit Commendation for it. The following month he was wounded by shrapnel in another battle but continued to help rescue people by pulling wounded soldiers to safety aboard the ship. For that battle the crew was subsequently awarded another Navy Unit Commendation, and for his individual actions he received a Bronze Star with Valor, and a Purple Heart. Still just 12 years old. While the ship was docked for repairs on the east coast he left to go to his grandmother’s funeral in Texas without permission from the Navy, arrived a day late, and then spent 3 months in a military prison for doing so, and the Navy discovered his true age thanks to his mother. He was released from the brig after his sister threatened to contact the media. He was discharged from the Navy just a couple days shy of his 13th birthday and had his awards revoked.

    At the age of 14 he got married and then became a father the following year at 15. He got divorced at 17 and joined the Marine Corps. About 3 years after that he broke his back by falling off a pier and was discharged from the Marines. Due to his troubled record with the military he couldn’t receive veteran’s benefits and he would spend the rest of his life fighting to clear his military record to get those benefits.

    In 1978, at the age of 48, he finally got his military record cleared and was given an honorable discharge for his service in the Navy. After writing Congress, and with the approval of the president, he was given back all his awards except for the Purple Heart.

    In 1988, now 58 years old, he finally was allowed to receive disability, the medical benefits, and back pay that he was owed. He died in 1992 at the age of 62, and two years after his death in 1994 his Purple Heart Medal was finally reinstated and presented to his widow. Getting his awards reinstated took intervention by two US presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

    He was quite a unique individual, if I do say so myself. And I absolutely do!

  6. World War One. Was more devastating to Britain than WW2. Britain lost over 1 million men 1914-18. Whereas Britain lost 5 hundred thousand 1939-45. The young male populations of entire county’s, villages and towns were killed in WW1. In what was called pals divisions.
    WW2 contrary to popular belief was a war the allies lost. The Soviet Union along with nazi Germany invaded and occupied Poland in 1939. Britain and France went to war to guarantee Poland’s sovereignty (freedom). However this objective was never achieved. The Nazis were defeated. But Poland remained occupied, so did Czechoslovakia and all of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union. The suffering continued for another 50 years. Only when the Soviet Union collapsed was Poland the very country that Britain went to war to free. Did Poland actually become free. Swapping Adolph Hitler for Joseph Stalin was not a victory at all. The last European war was the Bosnian war with over one hundred thousand deaths and many more civilian atrocities.
    If there’s one thing to take from history is. War is hell and war is coming.

  7. I don't get my words are so bad they keep the population down maybe I'm just a weirdo for thinking this but like world Peace would mean a lot more people wouldn't it and we already have too many people I feel like a war would be beneficial to population management like we do with hunting and overpopulation with animals

  8. great doc. really makes you see the scale and level of suffering that went on during those times. subconsciously i think most of know "oh there was a world war, people died, it was bad, etc" but to actually see those numbers animated and compared to everything else, and from all sides of the world…. definitely insightful video

  9. Good video 🙂 best regards from Germany. These numbers are insane and it is hard to realize how much suffering was going on. It is hard to see how much suffer we germans as a country brought to the world. The only thing that me and everybody I know here can do. Is to prevent this from ever happening again.

  10. I always thought that the original video was an eye opener, although I do resent the idea of passing off questionable information as fact. For instance the way I was taught about WW2 in high school they made it seem that all the Jews died in gas chambers but we know now that most died from Typhus. There are tours of camps where buildings are claimed to have been used as gas chambers yet there's no prussian blue stains on the walls from the zyklonic B they used, nor was the building air tight and ventable after use. I mean I get it that WW2 was bad and a concentration camp wasn't a good place to be, but EVERY side of that war had its propagandists. When Joseph Goebbels died……………the competing propagandists were free to print what they wanted. I don't see what there is to gain from trying to make out an already bad historical event even worse with inaccuracies. There is still much we don't know and this event was only 80 years ago, almost as if there were things purposely covered up.

  11. The effects of WW2 still reverberating through the halls of time as it still can influence those who learn and understand the events and mass loss of life, the most intense terror imaginable and fear redesigned …When this is totally forgotten so shall it happen again. Im afraid much of the new generation has NOT forgotten, but rather just dont know and underestimate its relevance….because my generation stopped teaching what the greatest generation taught us….It resulted in America's finest hour but NOT WITHOUT great Cost….and was also a turning point for evil to be yet again emboldened empowered recharged to do it again the moment waiting for that one generation to lose all morality and just ignore the sheer Evil deeds mankind can conduct. My Grandfather was in 3 invasions with the USN, and one was D day and my Dads Side my grandparents were Greek living in German occupied Greece and they all seen first hand these evil deeds perhaps its fortunate that all i had to do was listen and learn.🇺🇸💪🤙🙏 God Bless America. God bless you 2 for doing these types of vid reviews. Bringing it to the youths eyes and ears. Very important. Please do more like this. Thank you

  12. You guys should watch the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. It's about WWII and it follows a group of soldiers, hence the name…. it's so so so good. The story is great and it looks great. I think you'd really enjoy it. Not as something to do a react to, but just as something to watch.

  13. The most notorious example of Japanese genocide (that they still haven't apologized for or even admitted to) was the Rape of Nanking. I'm not gonna into detail here because it's gruesome but if you do want to look it up do so with care

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