1. Patrząc a ten dokument ciarki przechodzą ale Część i.chwala tym którzy odbudowywali wszystkim ludziom którzy włożyli w ręce teraz mamy Warszawę może nie tak piękna jak przed wojna ale Jest i to się liczy resztę uważam zawsze można nadrobić Pałac Saski statki wycieczkowe nad Wisłą parki i skwery mniej zakazów więcej przywilejów dla ludzi a częściej będą z domów wychodzić

  2. Poles i need to make announcement to you:I wrote some hostile words before here on this comment section against poland and the poles,but i want to let you know that i regret them deeply.I apologize to you!

  3. And let's not forget Germany never paid any reparations to Poland- the country which suffered the most through civilian and material losses. If any reparations were paid on account of Poland damages, they went to the Soviet Union. My grandparents lived around 40km/25miles from Warsaw (in a straight line), and Germans forced them to build temporary shelters for their planes. My grand-grandmother told me stories when she smuggled meat for the Poles living in Warsaw during the occupation- food was strictly rationed (rations leading to starvation), and the meat was allowed only for Germans. I listened to these stories with my very own ears when I was 10-15 years old. As a child, I had frequent nightmares, where I tried to escape "Łapanka" (please search on Wikipedia for more information about what "Łapanka" was). We will never forget what Germans did to our population, culture, cities, villages and industry. Could you believe that Germany still keeps Polish artefacts robbed from our museums and castles?

  4. I worked with a old man named Andreas hes over 65 and works hardered than any one i have ever met, moves even quicker then a 28 yr old me.. but whats crazy is his family werrenwar refugees and told me some loved through this. Respect and love t you andreas and the polish people. Good hearted people

  5. It is mindboggling what Hitler and his SS- and Gestapo and other nazi dirtbags and scumbags did to Poland and in particular to Warsaw. If the English and French had not urged Poland in 1938/1939 not to mobilize, so as not to antagonize Hitler, the war would have taken quite another turn. Imagine that what Hitler did to Warsaw at the end of the war, he wanted to do also to German cities, when he realized he had lost the war.

    Nigdy nie zapomnę i nie wybaczę…. 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
    To było ludobójstwo niewinnych dzieci, kobiet, mężczyzn….

  7. Immensely proud of my Polish heritage and the few family members who survived the destruction of this beautiful city. Especially my father who took part in the Warsaw Uprising as a teenage boy and survived. My heart is in both Poland and Scotland. However, no matter how beautiful a country Germany is, I can’t travel and visit there. The horrors of WW2 are too deeply embedded. Perhaps my son’s generation will visit.

  8. Take comfort in knowing that within a few years the systematic wholesale destruction of German cities was underway and they got it worse.. One must be an idiot to think that you can bomb the hell out of everyone else and not get it back!

  9. Wojna, to nie gierka na komputerze! Wojna to śmierć ,smród gnijących ciał,bród,wszy,choroby,rany gnijące,głód,nędza,strach,panika……..etc.etc.Proszę bez głupich komentarzy!!!

  10. Poland won WW2.Polish arm forces were 4th largest allies fighting Nazi Germany.
    Who even knows that ?Almost sound like joke.
    The Polish Army fought in Berlin and flown Polish flag on Reichstag and Branderburg gate.
    Who won WW2 ?.Germany.
    Germany (great American ally in NATO)and America beats the NAzis.That is what a lot of students in US
    understands about WW2.
    Poland won WW2? Naeh.
    Chechs won WW2,they surrended without fight and Prague was spare, whole Chechoslovakia was spare.

  11. Yes, I expect those heroic Luftwaffe pilots enjoyed a well-earned glass of Schnapps after bombing those vicious women and children hiding and praying in their homes.

  12. The German nation has a hideous history. During the war, they murdered tiny innocent children in concentration camps. This was the official national policy. The goal was to murder non-German people or force them to slave labor. Today huge companies like Bayer have been testing drugs on prisoners and also creating gas to kill them. A disgusting story. Many German companies were founded in those days, earning huge amounts of money from participating in genocide. We must speak out about it so that such stories will never be repeated again. Cruel times with policies focused on aggression against other people.

  13. Fu…ing Germany destroyed so much while WW2 ,robed so many countries ,killed so many people and NEVER PAID BACK for this. Now they are reachest country in Europe collaborating with Putin ( Nord Stream 2)

  14. One thing should be kept in mind: Lipski, the Polish Ambassador, left Berlin and said he expects the Polish troops to mach successfully to Berlin.
    At this time point there was not even war !

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