Bombers of the World War 2, B-17, G3M, B-24, He-111, Ju-88, B-25, MD-315, B-26


A selection of bombers of the Second World War, dropping bombs, explosions, moments of bombing, attack of bombers, moments of downed bombers. Taken from war films and combined into one video.

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Write the names of the films, a selection of battle scenes that you would like to see


  1. Questo video mi ricorda tante città rase al suolo dalle bombe in guerra.In specialmodo Dresda.Era bellissima e fu distrutta.Tantia archittetturaurbana e monumenti di secoli spianati dalke bombe spetate.Ma questo è solo 1 aspetto della guerra.Perchè i civili sacrificati non avevano nessuna colpa.Solo per vendetta.Se discutevano al tavolo delle trattative forse si poteva salvare qualcosa e distruggere il vero colpevole.

  2. Just 70 years ago, they needed waves of bombers dropping thousands of dumb bombs to maybe hit a bridge and certainly cause so much collateral damage around it. The Norden bomb sight was the best they had, not laser-guided precision GPS stuff that we have today. The public outcry over civilian casualties after a drone-strike is almost laughable when entire cities were once fire bombed with an even higher death toll than the 2 atomic bombs. Different times and thankfully in the past.

  3. Que película es para que lo vea completo saludos desde Bolivia 🇧🇴 🇧🇴 🇧🇴 🇧🇴 y desde cochabamaba y que tengas un buen inicio de fin de semana

  4. For a long time we were going to war (((( We don't need anything anymore. War
    finished)))) The Russians single-handedly defeated Hitler and the entire Euro-Fascist horde ((( No one except the USSR needed a victory over European Fascism in which the United States invested hundreds of billions of dollars (((((

  5. Hmm I didn´t see any Ju 52 in this Video. Did I miss old "Aunt JU"? And by the way…… The JU 52 was not a Bomber. She was a Transport Plane.
    Even there were missions flown over Great Britain, where she had Bombs on board. But they were "thrown" out of the plane by the side door, under the use of shovels……..

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