Black Saturday; the bombing of London's docks in WWII.

A short documentary about the devastating bombing of London’s docks in the Second World War, made for the Museum in Docklands. Produced and directed by Mark Whatmore. Script by Richard Taylor. Sound mix by Ben Baird of Aquarium Studios. Narration by Zoe Wanamaker.
Duration: 6’19”


  1. died 4 what ? the neo leberal – who made england to as jihadi shithole . even your rivers are a dump.Britain’s rivers are full of s*** and it’s the fault of BoJo and his Tory cronies, according to biting new documentary β€˜Rivercide’ kapatalism out of control

  2. the german bombed the docks. the brits and americans bombed the most populate citys. just search dresden ww2 and you will see what i mean. innocent people died

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