Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries Of World War II

Watch the video to find out about bizarre unsolved mysteries of World War II!

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The Battle of Los Angeles | 0:00
Foo fighters | 1:21
Hess’ betrayal | 2:33
The ghost of Pearl Harbor | 3:48
The fate of Raoul Wallenberg | 4:39
Schatzgräber | 5:38
The Amber Room | 6:30
Yamashita’s gold | 7:46
The Nazi gold train | 8:48
Ratlines | 9:35

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  1. What if Hess was on his way to Ireland to secure submarine and Luftwaffe bases? There were some Nazi spies from Ireland and they may have wanted to tap into the anti-British sentiment to secure bases to cover the western approaches.

  2. The Hess murder makes sense, but then again it doesn’t, if British and US intel were that concerned with the soviets getting access to the west through the prison, why would they wait to kill him til the Gorbachev administration? Did they all of a sudden figure this out in the 80s? 🤨

  3. Nothing bizarre here – the "Foo Fighters" are just part of the on going litany of UFO sightings that have been denied by the US Government up until 2021 when they finally admitted they are being studied as unknown phenomena. Free thinking people have long recognized that we are being observed by "visitors" and that the US Government has been trying to back engineer craft that have been found for military purposes. You don't have to think too hard to realize that anything that is leading edge military research is "Top Secret" and is not for public consumption.

  4. I thought they did find that Japanese general's gold stash in the Philippines… that not correct? An im referring to that discovery being made sometime between 2010-2020

  5. Yamashitas’ Gold is probably true due to the fact that the first thing that every invading country does is completely loot that countries Gold Reserves, not to mention all of any other Gold they can lay their hands on. The list of countries that Imperial Japan invaded including Island nations is rival to that of Nazi Germany. The Philippine Islands are smack dab in the middle of their conquered territory, and offer countless places to hide many tons of looted treasures. In fact Marcos most certainly must have found a large cache of gold, just look at his sudden gain of wealth in the late “70’s” with money and of all things a 24kt gold toilet and bed. More is buried on the islands somewhere I’m sure.

  6. These are all old stories well known and debated by billions of people since ww2. You look like fools trying to pass them off as new material.

  7. with the Foo Fighters sightings I heard that they went back in time to make sure Kurt Cobains Grandparents moved to Washington to keep the timeline correct

  8. Rudolph Hess might have been murdered?? I cried so hard upon hearing that I'm not sure how I'll get through my day….

  9. Nope not agreeable ,if another species were to ever watch at us ww2 WAS that fateful time in a history it was e biggest leaps for man

  10. My Boss in the early 70's told me about Foo Fighters. He was a B17 pilot in the 8th Army Air Corp flying missions over Germany in 1944-45. He told me the same things that are told here plus they would sometimes fly wing tip to wing tip in a arc over and under the plane. Most of them He estimated to be 50 ft in diameter. When they started reporting them in 44 the brass didn't want to here about it claiming they were the new German jets. He said that they saw few German jets but lots of Foo Fighters. I read once they were seen in the Pacific theater but not as often. By the way when my boss ferried his plane back to Wright Feild he never piloted a plane again.

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