Battle of Greece and Battle of Crete – World War II DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Modern Warfare continues a video on the Battles of Greece and Crete in 1940-1941 during World War II, as Italy and Germany attempted to invade Greece, which led to the intervention by the forces of the British Commonwealth.

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The video was made by Leif Sick, while the script was developed by Ivan Moran. The video was narrated by Officially Devin (

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  1. Why when all seems lost, the commanding general surrenders his army, either speak German for 1000 years or have freedom, I wouldve refused and went into a frenzy to defend my homeland to my death.

  2. Looks to me that Greece understood professionally the importance of weariness and weakness, in the second half, moving tired forces out of place to reserve and sent the reserves that are being replaced, very well done to the greeks

  3. Italy is so bad at war, apart from the glory days of Roman empire, they really have hung on for their lives Vs minor and major countries lol, if Italy had to go war Vs Ethiopia, you know they were fucking stupid, if only they had German advisors in numbers hahaha, but again, wouldn't that be worse, causing 2 fronts etc hahaha

  4. Great many thanks for this enlightening video!
    Winston Churchill said:
    «At the beginning of this war it has been said that Greeks are fighting like heroes, but from now on it should be said that heroes fight like Greeks»
    The amazing seven months resistance of the Greek army and people thrusted one first decisive nail into the Axis powers cuffin!

  5. So basically, Albanian mountain division went as far as thessaly while the italians were still stuck in epirus.
    And when the Albanians asked for reinforcements nothing came.
    Italian masterplan ww2 edition: How to fuck up an invasion.

  6. Normal country citizens : Let's flee the country to save our lifes and our families, we only live once after all.
    Greek citizens : Let's climb those mountains bare handed to supply the army and give the italians some beating while at it.
    Fucking madness

  7. Just to give you an idea of how persistent my people were in this invasion: it took the Axis 7 months, SEVEN months, to conquer a supposedly small and relatively poor country. If that's not bravery, I don't know what could possibly be constituted as bravery.

  8. The Greko-Italian war was the first win of the allies against Axis. And both of the battles were the start of the end, showing the world that Axis' forces weren't unbeatable. I would like to thank the British, Australian and New Zealand's armies for helping, even unsuccessful, my country to defend against Germany and Italy. And i would like to say that not all Axis' soldiers were bad. Many of them were forced to leave back their families to fight for their country. I'm closing with Winston Churchill's words: "From this time, Greeks doesn't fight like heroes. Heroes fight like Greeks"

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