B-17 Flying Fortress Heavy Bombers Over Germany | 1943 | World War 2 Documentary

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This old USAAF film is a documentary on a daylight operation of the US 8th Army Air Force, in cooperation with the Royal Air Force, against German industrial targets in 1944.


  1. Dieser Massenmord an den Deutschen Zivilisten,wird sich für die USA und England noch teuer rechnen,die NAZI Wissenschaftler haben nach der Aktion Paperclip die USA unterwandert,den Tiefstaat gegründet und spritzen jetzt Millionen Amis tot,nicht anders ist es in UK!

  2. These men had uncommon Valor. It is rare in our society now. . My stepfather was a B-17 pilot. He was shot down over Austria and was a POW. The only survivor of his aircraft. In a German Red Cross unit for six months to get his arm fixed and better. Then in several camps. He was 23 on his 23rd mission. After the war he piloted B-29’s. He was Maj. John Thomas Farrington. He is at rest at Arlington National cemetery.

  3. Sehr schade,dass bei der deutschen Luftwaffe damals schon der Sprit knapp geworden ist.Sehr schade!!
    Und der Gröfaz die als Jäger entwickelte Me 262 u bedingt als " Blitzbomber" haben musste…Da haben die Amis unerhört viel Glück gehabt….

  4. Excellent. Most people watching combat movies do not realize this one thing: Behind every aircraft or soldier deployed into action, there are 20 to 30 people doing the apparently mundane task of weather survey, targeting, fuel, ammunition & fuel supply, armament, mechanical & technical, medical casevac, radar… on and on

  5. Some of the bravest people anywhere, strapped on a B-17 day after day and flew to Germany in broad daylight, in an aircraft, as I understand it, with very little armor. We lost a lot of B-17s going to and returning from Germany. But those planes and pilots sure got the job done …

  6. My uncle fly in the first mission WW11 gunner ace 101 combat mission 4 on D day. Ever major front he was their decorated by the Queen of the Netherlands. First one in combat from Arkansas in WW 11.

  7. 1:08 American bombers bombing the harbor of Gdynia (as they say in the movie).
    Too bad that the harbor of Gdynia was full of civilian ships trying to evacuate refugees from the advancing russians.
    From late 1944 to May 1945 over 1 million of women, children and wounded was evacuated through this port using civilian and hospital ships marked with red crosses.
    While american war criminals were happily bombing them…

  8. Yu pembunuh dari zaman pd1 sampai kini tapi cakap sok jadi polis dunia asik ham dan persamaan jender saja yg kau bekoak koaki suka urusi negara orang

  9. Interesting! ..The Allied Bombing offensive was enormously effective in the long run But the Germans simply moved their Aircraft industry and other stuff underground or even simpler out into the Forests where they were not expected or seen untill right at the end when the Allied forces overran them Germany was still producing Aircraft right up till March or April 45 but had run out of Fuel by that time as the Allies had successfully destroyed all the Fuel Farms

  10. It's a very sobering thought to think the 8th Air Force had more casualties than all American infantry, ground, admin, ALL units, throughout the entire war. It was literally like a plane falling out of the sky every minute…

  11. The Greatest Generation. The likes of which cannot be fathomed by todays liberal kids. We would no doubt be speaking German or Japanese if it were not for the courage of our armed forces. Thanks Uncle George for your service and that of all the allied forces. RIP Technical Sergeant George D. Cathcart, Jr, US Army Air Corps, 353rd Bomb Squadron, 301st Bomb Group, waist gunner B-17G commanded by 2nd Lt Allen R. Ferguson.

  12. My dad was a B-17 command pilot and bomb group commander at the end of the war. Thank goodness he was late to the "Show", although he was disappointed he didn't get to fly combat missions after all the hard work to get his group ready and in theater. He did fly some POW's out of Japan to the Philippines just after the surrender.

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