Are 77 Year Old WW2 Boots BETTER Than Modern Boots? – (CUT IN HALF)

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77 Year Old WW2 Boot Review – In 1943 during WW2 the American forces got a newly revamped uniform that included a much improved leather boot. I’ve always wonder what quality of boots the US forces were wearing during the world war 2 so I bought a pair of actual world war two boots to cut them in half to see what’s inside. I also compare them to the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots which are known as some of best quality heritage style boots available to see how they stack up against modern boots.

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Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:52 Rose Anvil Boots
1:26 Boot Info
2:57 Leather
4:24 Construction
5:25 Midsole
5:49 Outsole
7:14 Cut In Half
8:05 Reveal
9:30 Better Than Red Wing?


  1. I think it’ll be a good quality boot for the time. Think of the tough use they had to go through! Try walking on Iwo Jima, volcanic rock surface!

  2. Dude, your boot is KILLER! I want one (I know Im too late)! Very nice designe. Well done. Love the vids too. You do a very nice job. Keep it up please!

  3. This was the vid that introduced me to your channel. Which led to watching more videos on your channel. Then I learned about Nicks, and now I am ordering my second pair of Nicks. I did not know a high quality boot until I took delivery of my Builder Pros. Thanks for the vids. -Bourgeoning boot snob.

  4. Entered the Marine Corps in 1961. We were issued boots In inside out turned leather. They were the best boots I've ever had.
    Great video..!

  5. The greatest generation made those boots 😍. Never forget! God bless the ding dong Daddy's from the USA….,.
    FU46 And I agree

  6. In terms of grip, just having a rubber sole was already great. Most other combatants would've been sliding around urban areas on their hobnailed leather soles.

  7. Really Cool video Does anyone know if this is the same boot we provided to the USSR thru lend lease? I know we sent over like six million or more.. I can only imagine it was Hell on the foot breaking these in eh ??

  8. Can you do modern combat boots next? Maybe compare them to Vietnam era boots? The current combat boots almost look like sneakers. Not all of them, but some. I wanna know what's inside!

  9. When I was in 2007-2020 USAF we got standard issue boots. They were crap all the way through. Had to buy your own if you wanted comfort. I wore the Rocky Sv2 Sage Green Combat. I would liketo see those cut in half as well.

  10. 1. Could YOU make a replica of these boots?
    2. How close can hou get to making them EXACTLY the same?
    3. How much would you charge?

  11. I'd like to see you try to cut in half a pair of Russian Kirza boots. I have a pair and honestly they're my favorite piece. Comfortable and simple.

  12. Cut open vintage redwings vs today's redwings so we can have back then vs now apples to apples comparison! Thanks , I didn't know I was into shoe quality until it start watching your videos. I work industrial construction and always ended up buying redwing after dissatisfied with any other brand I had tried.

  13. Price listed said $178. As of last I checked my hand receipt my issued boots were less than $80.
    It costs twice as much to buy a pair of WWII boots that last longer than 5 minutes.

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