Apocalypse the Second World War – 2/6. The Crushing Defeat (Subtitrat în română)

Pentru a vedea subtitrarea în limba română, click pe Settings (roata dințată) în colțul din dreapta-jos al ferestrei video, iar din lista care va apărea alegeți Subtitles/CC și Romanian, după care selectați icoana “CC” (care se află în stânga celei “Settings”) în așa fel încât sub ea să apară o linie roșie.

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  1. “The ruthlessness of this war and the destructive nature of the Nazis is now apparent to the British”
    That’d be why Hitler let the British go home then? Or why Hitler made so many seperate attempts, almost to the point of self-abasement to sign peace with Britain only to be refused every single time?

  2. No doubt about Hitler war crimes and his inhumane act of forcing the whole world to war but being an Indian I have to acknowledge the fact that it was because of Hitler the Britishers were forced to leave the country(India). And I'm sure most of the people in England are not aware of the Crimes of Churchill… #TheBengalFamine #DestroyingIndianMerchantNavy

  3. It was the english and french that declared war without considering the loss of innocent lives!! The english and the french are responsible for starting world war 2. And they will most likely start world war 3.. Those people really enjoy war!!! They resemble the Yankis here in the American continent..

  4. thanks to the “jew-ridden, half-American drunkard” Britain achieves one of the greatest pyrrhic victories of all time.

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