Apocalypse – Second World War Documentary – WW2 Documentary

Complete series of Apocalypse World War 2

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  1. What should have happened, is the US, Germans, Russians, and all other regular ppl of the world should have taken all of the "bosses" of the world and gotten rid of em. Poor ppl world wide have more in common with each other than they have with rich ppl who like to start this kind of crap.

  2. Germany is a heartless nation in ww2. As fellow human beings, we might belong to different races but we must remember we are the same. These people who promote war are devil's who surely in God's judgment will be thrown in hell.

  3. My grandfather is a Holocaust survivor. The only one in the WHOLE family to survive. I believe it was god who destined for me to be on the earth. If he was killed I would not be here today.

  4. World war 2: ends
    World: lets not let that happen
    Few years later: Nuclear powers join the chat
    World: fuck

  5. Anyone else got an existential feeling that can't explain while watching these kind of documentaries? Seeing so much waste and degradation from all sides makes you wonder if there is any kind of authority out there or is it all just meaningless…

  6. The greatest lesson I took from this: Don’t claim what you can’t defend. Also, don’t mess with the Russians.

  7. FACT CHECK!! The polish did NOT charge they were ambushed on horse back by infantry during the battle facing overwhelming odds they slowed hitlers advance to a crawl for alittle while giving him time to bring in a tank and even more troops then they were defeated however the polish calvary line helped secure the retreat saving many soldiers and civilians. But there was no "charge" they simply held there ground in the face of defeat. They were no match for hittler but they gave him a run for his money for a while. STOP SHITTING ON THE POLS . The nazi party used this victory as propaganda promoting the ever so loved story that Poland was stupid and charged tanks with horses . There not dumb and they are not that underdeveloped.. they knew a damn horse is no match for a tank they just had to work with what they had.

  8. One inaccuracy … it was not the British who broke the Enigma Code … it was 3 brilliant Polish Mathematicians working in England at the time

  9. Watched till the end over 3 days! Thanks for providing us this documentary as such probably the important historical event of the world!

  10. How the heck is is possible that this is “offensive”? These trigger warnings are ridiculous.

  11. I’d highly recommend Europa the Last Battle for anyone who dare ventures into Hitlers side of the story

  12. I have a picture of my Grandfather in his Marine uniform he fought over in Okinawa Japan he was drafted in 1944 and served till 1946 after the war he was also in China for awhile he was born in 1926.

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