1. History and geography are literally the easiest topics, like bro I didn’t pay attention or try in school at all but ask me history and geography questions I’ll most likely answer all of them right it’s really not hard at all, why are people so dumb.

  2. The bald one on the right doesn't give a damn about history. When you come across a person who doesn't know which war involved the holocaust or that Winston Churchill was the PM of England it's tempting to laugh in their face, but if you really care about history you should see another person's ignorance as an opportunity to spark their interest and then educate them, not insult them. All baldy cares about is his own image. I'd love to get into it with this meathead about the Napoleonic wars. "You don't know about Frederick William III?! Bro. Bro. Dudebro. Brodude. That's one of the most important parts of European history and you know, like, NOTHING about it. You just don't care, dudebro. Big dumb loser."

  3. I have a pretty good understanding of the history of ww2 but even then idk the leader of France lol who the fuk cares about France they surrendered immediately

  4. this is most of america rn. Childish idiots who dont know history and this is why america is doomed. I love this fuckin country and those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it. and the sad part is theres more people who want to be like adin then want to make our society safe and protected smfh

  5. No not of course, I knew about Stalin Churchill Roosevelt when I was 5 years old, and I didn’t have internet where I came from, ima 35 now, how can you not known any of these guys and your Jewish, this is basic stuff man, don’t be like it’s important, no you don’t care simple as that, it’s fine, just don’t make an argument, this is literally basic stufff in history, Iam irritated now honestly

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