America in World War II

There were those who described World War I as the war to end all wars and for the American servicemen involved in the conflict, it was a hope they whole-heartedly shared. Yet early one Sunday morning, December 7th, 1941 to be precise, the young men of America were again called upon to fight in a World War, the second of the 20th Century. This was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Great Britain and much of continental Europe had been at war with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany since 1939, and President Roosevelt had been in constant communication with Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill, but when the Japanese struck at Pearl Harbor that fateful day, America was suddenly at the heart of the conflict, shoulder to shoulder with the Allies in the fight against Hitler and the Axis powers. Follow the fascinating story of America’s journey into World War II and discover the remarkable, selfless courage and bravery of Americans both at home and abroad that literally turned the tide of the war against Adolf Hitler. Watch how Hollywood played it’s part in the war effort; see how the American women went to war, manning the production lines in factories, building ships, aircraft, tanks and jeeps; and trace the routes of the American troops who gave their all on the beaches of Normandy, the battle fields of Europe, the open skies and on the high seas of the Atlantic and Pacific, making the world a safer, better place for future generations.

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