A Day In The Worst Nazi Concentration Camp | Auschwitz–Birkenau

When the Allied forces entered the camps at Auschwitz on January 27, 1945; what they found was a tragic scene of mass extermination the likes of which our world had never witnessed before.
After Germany sparked WW2 and invaded Poland, the Schutzstaffel- more commonly known as the SS- would convert Auschwitz 1 into a prisoner-of-war camp. Later on, the construction of Auschwitz 2-Birkenau started which would become the site of countless atrocities. Lets go back in history, and witness these atrocities ourselves,

*My must-read list of Holocaust books:*

*Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account:
Rena’s Promise: A Story of Sisters in Auschwitz:
Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History:
The Last Jew of Treblinka:
Things We Couldn’t Say:

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  1. There's SO much more to the Holocaust than this video, and it's essential to know and understand the truth. In the description, I've compiled a list of must-read books that tell a fuller story of what really happened. Check it out!

  2. Pls also make a documentary on killing of bengalis by Pakistani forces in 1971 in East Pakistan 3 million killed and 30 million made homeless..Pakistani Generals too wanted to kill and turn Bengalis into minority in erstwhile Pakistan..

  3. When my mom volunteered at a retirement home there was a very gentle man who was named Mr terwilliger. He was a green beret who liberated Dachau. One of my biggest regrets was not talking to him more.

  4. I will forever have this hatred towards the German-Nazi Regime, I will curse every single one of their souls up to my grave, i wish them eternal nightmare and suffering, what they have done to those poor innocent people, including children is unforgivable to the utmost extent. Same with the Russian invasion to Ukraine now, i curse and pray for the most unfair punishment be inflicted to those Russian Soldiers and leader who have killed those poor innocent Ukrainians. May every victims who have passed rest in peace😇

  5. Keep in mind the Soviet Union killed 65 million of their own people and the world wide Commintern killed 100 million ….all in the name of Socialism/ Communism….or let's put it another way…..EQUALITY…..

  6. To think, they’re trying to do this again.. like they’d be able to do this in any country… nah mf we are awake now. These tyrants day are done. Please try it again. Give us a reason to destroy you…

  7. I think about them very often, although it’s been so long, now. My family lost a great many distant relatives to German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and , incredibly, even Russian -aligned Nazi murderers. Directly related, a mother and her little son. Stripped, beaten, and shot to death on a sand dune in Courland, Latvia. The father despatched to an extermination camp. And on it went. Even in the mildest of forms. Friends mothers, particularly, I recall sarcastically describing me as ‘ a good little Jewish boy ‘. I spent many years completely disguising and smothering my heritage. Certainly no longer.

  8. This poor fellow was so weakened from being starved to death while he was being "examined" like he was a science experiment specimen. The murderousness of Hitler and his Nazi thugs…God be with this man and his many fellow victims…it's unspeakable!

  9. Ok but what I would like to know and have always been thinking, you can’t tell me what with all the prisoners there, they couldn’t all literally from together and fight with there lives to take control of a nazi soilder and take his gun to use to kill all the rest of the nazis in the camp

  10. While I'm descended from Polish (father's side) and Lithuanian (mother's side) Jews, most of my family came to the US before WW2. The Holocaust against the Jews, Slavs, and other populations hated by the Nazis is overall not an entirely unique story, as humans have unfortunately been capable of mind boggling cruelty, particularly systematic cruelty, toward each other for a long time. But the Holocaust is perhaps the best documented example, partly because of its relative recency, and partly because of the morbidly meticulous documentation by the Nazis themselves. What does stand out in this period is the extent to which the Nazis industrialized and mechanized their mass death machine. The surviving footage of the camps views like a chilling, surreal hellscape, surreal because it's not possible to even contemplate such a reality. And yet it was real.

  11. According to Whoopi Goldberg, who has a Jewish surname, concentration camps and genocidal atrocities that Hitler committed against Jews were not about race. There's a real smart person for you.
    I guess if you're not black, you can't be a victim of race.

  12. Shocking and impossible to imagine. We need to be reminded of this often or else we will have generations who just will not believe it or will never concede that it can happen and is happening in this corrupt world.

  13. The challenge for future historians will be to keep the horror of these events alive in the minds of the generations to come long after living memory has gone, reading and watching film goes some way but i think some of it will be lost on the young, unfortunatley.

  14. I was brutally violated in life, inflicted on me by a person. I have scarring on.my face. I am alive, but I could have been killed. Total disregard for my wellbeing. It happened ,but shouldn't have. I know that there are people who cruel by nature. Those German Nazi officers carried out their orders under pressure. Any one could do the same.

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