A Brief Overview of World War II

The war in Europe began in September 1939 when Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland.

Using Blitzkrieg tactics the country was quickly overtaken.

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  1. Hitler didn't commit suicide c'mon people the only evidence for that was Proven wrong and there is SO much evidence pointing to him fleeing to Brazil. the day after Hitler was last seen in public, a massive convoy of planes left from Berlin . on of this planes had ALL of Hitler's personal belongings. This was 6 days BEFORE he "commited suicide" and 7 days before Berlin was overtaken by flame throwing drunk Soviet's. from here we see a large path in which Hitler (officially his belongings) are moved around the world. 3 months later, 3 subs emerge from deep sea on a remote shore in Brazil. keep in mind, Brazil was famous for being the housing place for "former" Nazis after WW3. Brazil was Hitler's reception after a failed wedding. So, the subs are found roughly 2 days after arriving on shore, completely empty(except for some crap left behind) not a soul in sight. Hitler has just pulled of the best escape known to man. step aside houdini. if u r still skeptical that Hitler wasnt on that plane or those subs, well, I suggest u study it more, but also, Hitler was a VERY smart dude. u have to give him credit he did everything he did and he wasnt even German. so if he carefully worked everything out, and (arguably) Hitler lost the war because of his 2nd and 3rd in commands, than if he had the chance to escape a week before his iminant capture (or death) than why wouldn't he?

  2. Germany's economy gets back on track with Hitler demanding new guns, planes, tanks ect. With experienced troops who had volunteered in the Spanish civil war, new tanks and planes that were either just as if not better then anything the allies had (at that time) , and the Blitzkrieg tactic, Germany was ready for war. First they annexed Austria who were mostly Germany anyway, they then moved men into the demilitarized zone, and annexed Czechoslovakia. This made Britain, France and many other countries angry. Sadly for allies there was nothing they could do since they ALL were facing huge problems. The great depression, political uprisings, etc. Germany, since it was building an army was not effected by these as much. Anyways back to were I was. After the cheks were dealt with he moved to attack Poland. This was the last straw for the allies and they declared war. Poland (being invaded by Germany and Russia) had little chance in fighting and fell within a month it was over and the poles ( who had fought very hard but to no avail) surrendered. This marks the beginning of the war for the allies. The video does explane most of the war in basic terms but it is good enough for you top get the jist of it.

    Video errors: I am not going to point them all out but here you go. Germany did not fight many of the countries listed some of them gave up (such as Denmark) after the invasion of Norway. Also the final solution was not just for Jews. Many Christians, Catholics, and enemies of Germany were killed as well. They also droped 2 atom bombs.

    But still, a good video all in all.

  3. i do not like the fact that most historical overviews don't ever really tell us much about what happened with japan before pearl harbor and the pacific theater that america took on with japan afterwards . it really is a big chunk of world war 2 that really affected the numbers of american casualties and deaths

  4. I like how you made the British Prime Minister smoking the Cuban Cigars. The video, overall is beautiful and great, nice effort. You should try the Vietnam War.

  5. earned a sub you know..
    i like WWII and german is not evil but in fact.
    they just made for every revolution like some researchers were developed some VTOL and i like your animation
    (is my English is bad?)

  6. The Allied Powers: Franklin D. Roosevelt of the US, Winston Churchill of Britain and the Commonwealth, and Joseph Stalin of the USSR against The Axis Powers: Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, Benito Mussolini of Fascist Italy, and Emperor Hirohito of Imperial Japan.

  7. If you ever need any information, any at all, I can probably help. I may only be 13, but I've studied since I was 7. I could even tell you the exact armor of any tank in ww2

  8. Simple History, I know everyone says this, but great video. Maybe if you ever re-visit this, maybe add how the war was accepted by civilians? I think I read that ww1 was welcomed, but ww2 wasn't. Granted that's pretty vague, but still an idea.

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