96-year-old WWII pilot takes flight again in Tampa

At 96 years old, Bob Brocklehurst needs a little more help boarding a plane than he did back in the day. But give him a second and he’s right at home.

With a grin and a thumbs-up, the World War II veteran took off from Tampa in a P-51 Mustang, similar to those he flew in the war.



  1. Uhhhhh he was never flying that plane lol. He was in the back seat. He was riding shotgun. This honestly ruined it for me they never even let him fly.
    That’s why you hear him say “thank you and great landing”
    Bullshit story they lied. They kept saying he flew the plane instead of he flew IN the plane

  2. Американский ветеран 2й мировой. Чуть не обоссался со смеху. 2 или 3 вылета? окайййй

  3. So glad this gentleman/treasure/hero, was given the opportunity to fly this plane. I know it had to stir up mixed feelings for him, the joy of flying again, and all the devastation he had to witness. God Bless Our WW2 Vets, and ALL our military people both past and present. 🙏🇺🇸

  4. I re-watched this 2022 and this is heart warming i wish all veterans the best of luck and to all the fallen comrades during WW1/WW2 You are all heros!
    We cant Thank you enough 💪🙌✊️👑

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