1. Dawg we still haven’t located the KMS Scharnhorst so that’s fucking bull shit that Karlsruhe is the last German ship left undiscovered.

  2. Bismark didnt hit the Hood. she was stradled on the 1st salvo. when the hood fired back she blew up.

    Hood was going to be the 1st of 3 sister ships. But HMS hood failed sea trials due to a major design flaw so the other 2 ordered got cancelled.

    Hood went to dry dock and had a new bow fitted to see if that solved the problem of not being able to ride the waves but went through them and flooded the ship. also it had major defect in the air circulation below decks so the hatches had to be kept open to stop the crew below decks suffocating.

    Very few men and officers wanted to serve on her. but the govt had spent so much money on her they covered up its faults and made her the pride of the navy.

    When she got sent out to meet the Bisamrk all the htaches were open below decks and when she fired her guns a spark from the gun turrets went down into the magazine and exploded the ammo.

    No one reported Hood geting hit just her blowing up.
    She had lots of civvie workers on board still trying to fixe the probelms she had. her nickname was the giant submarine cause she could not ride the waves but went under them instead.

    She spent most of her time in dry dock trying to figure out what was wrong with the design.

    She was a batlecruiser not battleship. rescritions on what ships could be built was in place so Hood was a heavy cruiser with batleship guns just like bismark was so were battlecruisers or pocket battleships. speed and size of a cruiser but the firepower of a battleship.

  3. this video is horribly bad, does not even show footage of the things that are being talked about, just random low quality stock footage..

  4. Idk, not really all that MYSTERIOUS. I thought everyone knew about the "Japanese Revenge Weapon". One text said they managed to kill 5 Americans. Which I didn't know or think the death toll was even that high. I heard that a lot of them had been found & that some had started some fires in California and/or Arizona. But maybe there had been a cover up back then about it, so now you get differing stories. Yeah, the "bomb balloons" made use of the jet stream winds that had just recently been discovered at the time.

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