9 Most Incredible Discoveries From World War 2!

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  1. Greatest find from ww1: a kid found his great grandfather’s fart in a bottle with a line written on tape that said… Here’s a message in a bottle for ya.

  2. Isn't it interesting how the Jews refuse to let anyone look into the genocide they helped their Messiah – Joe Stalin – commit across Russia and Eastern Euope.

  3. "We…", who love life, responsible liberty, accountability, no borders or boundaries, happiness, living the art of kindness; and, serving our "duty", to set loose, every deadly beast within us, to keep it thus…!…?
    (Note; Old Test., "…the Law of Kindness, for which, no Law is written." Only, "… in the Heart."
    "We…", has no borders or boundaries…!…?

  4. "A well regulated [comprehensive contingencies management / neighborhood incident management system] being necessary [to the national security (democratic) posture] of a free state, the right of the people [to employ, a version, of the Swiss template, of "active and passive civil defense"; so to, mechanize and empower, pure / direct demos-kratos, within a republic, by restoring "muster" (from "home", on a device, to resolve crucial issues), in a 21st century context, will not likely be ] infringed."
    FEMA recommends that communities maintain secondary EOCs.
    (Besides the "Primary", far behind a "Police Line", for your "professional" "First Responders" liaison and logistics.)
    However, there's no reason "We…" can't build, and use, such a secondary manual backup system.
    Through, our, "Matrix" NGO…
    Let me know, when you're ready to listen…?
    To all the possibilities, thus far…
    Semper Fidelis… To all you millions of Vets, scattered throughout all neighborhoods, who could give the "operations Section", an outstanding start-up "backbone", as "We…" choose our best, to lead. (Note: FET, especially!).
    To help assure the twinkle, in the eyes of your little ones. Not tears.
    All are born "members."
    "We…" has no borders or boundaries.
    The basics…
    Workable possibilities.

  5. the french town can be seen in beginning of WORLD AT WAR tv special made back in 1974 -5 and at end ,that and VICTORY AT SEA {latter was on in 60's} 1st really good shows with REAL FIRST TIME FOOTAGE compiled of real war footage ! make note of it ans watch it AGAIN ,its all ACCURATE footage ,NOT FILLER SHOTS of staged out of date or BEFORE dated material {ak's ,garands used by germs and ALOT MORE ! i think alot of you cats are getting BORED and/or LAZY ,do it WELL or dont bother DOING IT ,vids i mean

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