1. Had to repost this because youtube took it down ffs

    Also Note: Zhukov became a general in may 1940 but I decided to add him because he was the hero of the Soviet Union

    Link to the song and intro will be in the description

  2. Know this is wrong the most powerful decorated soldier was xerxes in the Persian empire for its well know most power army in the word over 500,00 men and yes to all the people that is the words biggest army they has gone to war so i have no idea what the fuck you where thinking before
    you made this.

  3. Lachhiman Gurung Gurkha🔥. Sad thing about these Hindu warriors is that they serve in the British army but the British government don't treat them after retirement…they just use these brave warriors loyality

  4. Can’t forget Lauri Törin, or The Soldier of Three Armies. He fought for the Finnish as an Captain, the Nazis as a Waffen-SS Hauptsturmführer, and the United States Army as a major

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