1. Note: I didn't add tank destroyers here

    Yup, putting KV-1 or Matilda woulda been better instead of tiger ii

  2. I didn't see the tiger 1, it had some mechanical problems but still the best tank for me

  3. KV-1 and KV-2 should be there instead panzer II . KV-1 ,the tank that block the road for last stand against nazi tank group . For 2 day. Even Nazi soldier do military burial for that tank crew for salute . Also KV-2 Heavy Assault canon really big .its 152mm howitzer with thick 60-110mm armour .this is nighmare actually for nazi cause their canon cant penetrate this beast ,they need to attacking at night by throw grenade to inside tank .

  4. So you want to say a sherman is better than a panzer IV or any other German tank? Absolute trash, the only worse ones were British.

  5. Un tiger era la perra de un isu 152 o de un pershing ademas de sus problemas
    Se nota que solo pusiste los pocos que conoces

  6. So both versions of the Sherman get added but the best German tanks are not your American aren't you.

  7. No one can beat the german tank called the ratte Im not sure what the right spelling of that tank but some were in ratte!

  8. Bob sample tank the best it has stealth capabilities like making the enemy oof from laughter and confusing them into thinking it is a trash can 1000th Gen tank

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