5 MODERN COMPANIES That COLLABORATED With the Nazis During World War 2

How would you feel if you bought from a company that had close ties with the Naziโ€™s during WW2? The chance is that you probably did without even knowing. Companies who supported the ideologies of Hitler himself and even helped make them stronger. Or companies whoโ€™d force to let enslaved people work from them. In this video we cover a few of these companies and the ties they had with the Nazi regime

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0:00 Introduction
0:24 Hugo Boss
2:24 Volkswagen
3:43 BMW
5:10 Siemens
7:26 Bayer/IG Farben

Hugo Boss โ€“ Nazi Fashion Designer

If you are someone who wears the label, you might be surprised that “Hugo Boss” is not some name made up by advertisers to sound chic’ and sell clothes. No, Hugo Boss was a real person. What’s more, he was a Nazi. Not meaning a challenging, demanding boss to work for, which he may have been. No โ€“ an actual Nazi.

Over the years since WWII, you will occasionally hear comedians say something like this: โ€œI hate the Nazis and everything they did, but hey, they were good dressers.โ€ The reason why the SA and the SS were such โ€œgood dressersโ€ while being sadistic mass-murderers? Hugo Boss.

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