1945 World War II: Battle of Manila and Clean-Up

February 23rd, 1945 – Manila, Philippines

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  1. Was it truly necessary to destroy Intramuros, one of the oldest and most monumental historic cities in Asia? This feels like a crime against the global cultural heritage of humanity. Tragic!

  2. Watch Anne Frank's story or you don't have a Diary, the title is The Diary Of The Young Girl, it's so tearful, 1929 ata sya pinanganak, thank you kay god kase hnd pa naabutan ng mga anak ko yan

  3. Our country is colonize by 3 country but different year
    Imagine being in a philippines that full of shame, disagreement, and many more we are number 13 of being world most populated country because of being raped from women in WW2 many woman born with japanese/filipino baby thats why our country have many many color

  4. yung bansa natin parang trade country lng eh isipin mo sinakop tayo ng espanyol after 300+ years tinulungan tayo ng amerikano pero hindi nila ibinigay ang kalayaan natin kaya lumaban tayo pero sinakop din tayo at panghuli yung hapon na sumakop din satin na almost 2+ years walang kwenta ang pilipinas pag dating sa teamwork eh kasi yung mga ibang general o bayani napapatay ng kalahi nating pilipino.

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