1941 Lego World War Two Battle of Brody

Tiny Germans and Soviets duke it out near Dubno. It’s day two of von Kleist’s Soviet Vacation, but Zhukov has 3,500 tanks.

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Thanks for the voices – They’re good.
With cooperation from Russia and Germany:

Russians by: Mikhail Balashov (Михаил Балашов)
“load high explosive!”

Germans by:

Nicolas11x12 – “we’re good!”

BaeumlerFilm – “get out!”

Top Motion

Thanks for the tanks:

Kirill Simerzin in Russia designed almost all of these Soviet vehicles

www.Custombricks.de in Germany designs all the German vehicles except

Jose Molina in USA designs the Ju 87 Stuka Bomber

Brian Fitzsimmons in USA designs the Pz II

Ngoc Truong in Vietnam designs the Pz III and also the KV-1

The train engine is from

The Soviet helmets are 3D printed from Woody64 on Shapeways

Music and Commercial Royalty Free Licenses from www.Musicloops.com

Music, in order, was:
Epic Suspense by Hakan Eriksson
Annihilation Suite by Jason Livesay
Epic Suspense Theme by Hakan Eriksson
Breakout by Jason Livesay

Sounds and commercial royalty free license for sounds from www.sounddogs.com. Also mixed with some homemade sounds.

Animated using Dragonframe, After Effects, and sound mixed using Wavepad