101 Facts About World War 2

It’s one of the most famous periods in modern history, and one of the most horrifying events in human history. Today 101 Facts brings you a history lesson in 101 Facts about World War 2.

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  1. Hitler was damaged by the attempted bombing during operation Valkyrie, his hand was burned, his shoulder hurt. If you pay attention to the propaganda after the bomb, you'll notice that he keeps his hand tucked away and shoulder stiff. The fact it was in a different room than usual, table leg in front of Hitler, and only 1 of the bombs being used. Makes you wonder what would've been.

  2. Sorry Sam, But you got two things wrong. Pearl Harbor was on December 7, 1941 and the picture you showed was Theodore Roosevelt fifth cousin of Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt was president in 1901-1909

  3. Those "neutral countries" you mentioned were not that neutral in fact. Ireland supported Britain with troops, Sweden supported Germany with iron ore (which was the cause of the invasion of Norway), Spain had a fascist dictator in command, who occasionally supported Hitler although he never openly declared war. As for Switzerland, well, they made a lot of economic trades with Germany despite the fact that it was against the laws of neutrality.

  4. 5:26 Thats Theodore Roosevelt Or Teddy. Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FDR was the president of the USA since 1932 before he died on April 12 1945. Teddy was in office since 1901 and he left in 1909. Big time difference

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