10 World War 2 things you can make with 20 Lego pieces

See how to build World War 2 things out of Lego. Gold Puffin shows you how to make a fighter plane, battleship, tank, U-boat and other WW2 MOCs, including the USS Battleship Missouri, a German Bunker, a U-Boat / Submarine (U995 Type VIIC U Boat), a QF 3.7-inch Anti-Aircraft Gun, a Spitfire fighter plane, a Comet Cruiser Tank, a Higgins Boat Landing Craft, a Messerschmitt, an Enigma machine, and an Anderson Air Raid Shelter, all using mostly common easy to find Lego pieces. These will look great in your WW2 MOC or WWII brickfilm or in your other Lego military creations.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 USS Battleship Missouri
00:33 Bunker
00:57 U-Boat / Submarine
01:21 QF 3.7-inch Anti-Aircraft Gun
01:44 Spitfire
02:08 Comet Cruiser Tank
02:32 Higgins Boat Landing Craft
02:55 Messerschmitt
03:19 Enigma machine
03:43 Air Raid Shelter
04:06 Thanks and outro

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“Beginnings” by Unicorn Heads

All builds designed by Gold Puffin
Spitfire inspired by Alex’s Lego Tutorials



  1. Future ideas: tiger 1 tank, f51 mustang or corsair f4u, some guns(mp40, thompson, mg 42 ect), b25 bomber, atom bomb, dday landscape, m4 sherman, iwo jima Island, jeep/kubalwagon, dog tag would be cool, stick grenade.
    P.s. those look really good!

  2. I thought that the green plane was Japanese but then I see that you put the image of an English one … yes but also you who put the red points like this and the dominant green makes you think of another model but cool

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