10 World War 2 things you can make with 20 Lego pieces Part 2

Part 2: See how to build 10 more World War 2 things out of Lego. Gold Puffin shows you how to make a fighter plane, battleship, tank, blimp, torpedo, and other WW2 MOCs, including the V-2 Rocket, Fletcher Class Destroyer – USS Erben, B-17 Flying Fortress, Nebelwerfer, K Class Blimp
Maiale Human Torpedo, Halftrack, KW-2 Tank, P-51 Mustang Val-Halla,
BMW R75 Motorcycle & Sidecar all using mostly common easy to find Lego pieces. These will look great in your WW2 MOC or WWII brickfilm or in your other Lego military creations.

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00:00 Intro
00:09 V-2 Rocket
00:32 Fletcher Class Destroyer – USS Erben
00:55 B-17 Flying Fortress
01:19 Nebelwerfer
01:41 K Class Blimp
02:03 Maiale Human Torpedo
02:26 Halftrack
02:47 KW-2 Tank
03:12 P-51 Mustang Val-Halla
03:35 BMW R75 Motorcycle & Sidecar
03:58 Thanks and outro

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“Kamogawa Dreaming” by South London HiFi

All builds designed by Gold Puffin



  1. Hello mate! I just stumbled into this video due to YouTube suggestions, and I am hooked! These are really good builds.
    Here are my suggestions for the next builds of WW2 things with 20 Lego Pieces..
    • Tiger II
    • IS-2
    • T-34/ T-34-85
    • M26 Pershing
    • Crusader light tank
    • Churchill heavy tank
    • Matilda II tank
    • Panzer IV
    • Jagdpanther
    • StuG III
    • SU-152
    • ISU-152
    • Type 95 'Ha-Go' light tank
    • Type 97 'Chi- Ha' medium tank

    • HMS Hood
    • German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen
    • German heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Spree
    • Flower class corvette
    • Tribal class destroyer
    • IJN Kōngo class Battleship
    • King George V class Battleship
    • HMS Rodney (Nelson class Battleship)
    • USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE- 413) (John C. Butler class Destroyer Escort)

    • Hawker Tempest MkV
    • Handley Page Halifax
    • Avro Lancaster
    • De Havilland Mosquito
    • Republic P47D Thunderbolt
    • Lockheed P-38 Lightning
    • North American B25 Mitchell
    • Consolidated B24 Liberator
    • Messerschmitt Me-262 Schwalbe
    • Heinkel He-162 Volksjager
    • Arado Ar-234 Blitz
    • Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet
    • Dornier Do-335 Pfiel
    • Douglas C-47 Dakota transport
    • Airspeed AS.51/ AS.58 Horsa transport glider
    • Ilyushin IL-2 Shturmovoik
    • Junkers Ju-87 Stuka
    • Douglas SBD Dauntless

    Artillery pieces/ others
    • V-1 Flying Bomb
    • Katyusha rocket artillery
    • Flak 88 anti aircraft/ tank gun
    • PaK 40 anti tank gun
    • PaK 43 anti tank gun
    • Willys MB 'Jeep'
    • Volkswagen Kubelwagen

  2. I would really like to see more boats mostly aircraft carriers we haven’t gotten one of those yet I think that would be really cool if we got that

  3. maybe build an German panzer 2 africa corps edition
    ur creations are low on pices but exotic on pices for me so i cant build them but still they are veryyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good comrade

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