10 Most Incredible Discoveries From WW2!

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  1. Over here in England finding bombs from WW2 is not uncommon, sometimes some very large ones due to the sheer amount which were dropped by the Nazis. We usually get two or three a year which the army do safe detonations on in fact a local metal detectorist found one on our local common a few years ago, we heard the army blow it up from my back garden.

    Interesting fact about the so-called 'Bermuda Triangle', it's a very busy part of the world due to the sheer amount of ships and planes which travel through it however if you take the percentage of ships & planes which disappear and compare that to the rest of the world the disappearences are actually FEWER (based on percentage) in this triangle so it's actually SAFER there.

  2. This is 14 minutes and 42 seconds of misinformation. An example of history being changed. The "Origins Explained" group should be censored and this video removed and banned from being on the internet A big Thumbs Down.

  3. Operation Market Garden was NOT a successful one as claimed by the narrator, as it ultimately failed to achieve its objectives. It has never been referred to as a success; famous or infamous, but not a success.

  4. ''The sleepy village of co.down in Rostrevor'' That sentence was completely back to front, Rostrevor is a village in northern Ireland, in county down(co.down), my god what have I just watched.

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