10 Most Incredible Discoveries From World War II!

From a ruined fighter plane found on a hike to a secret treasure hunted down on a remote Philippine island, here are ten of the most shocking and incredible discoveries from World War II!

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  2. This click bait is the strangest collection of errors, mistakes, perhaps deliberate mis-information to be found even in this era of fake news.

  3. The proper pronunciation of the British plane in #9 is a "bow"-fighter. The Battle of Santa Cruz Island took place near the Soloman Islands in the South Pacific, not off the California coast.

  4. I usually enjoy your videos but this time I have a gripe. I'm an Australian and the flag you showed for the Australian dog tags was from New Zealand , we Aussies find it somewhat insulting when someone gets our flag wrong. PS I don't remember any Tomcats flying during WW 2

  5. Number one, since when were F14s and F4s ever ww2 aircraft, I know America was late to both world wars but they weren't that late? 🤔🙄😳😲😬😆😁👎💩🇬🇧🇬🇧.

  6. The main pic looks like the B-2 spirit stealth bomber. USS hornet sunk RIP uss hornet. The USS Enterprise is the most successful carrier but was scrapped:(.

  7. Why are you talking about a Tomcat in World War 2 while showing a picture of a Viper? How fucking inept are you?

  8. Not sayin its not cool but, f14s were not even close to existing during ww2 which is when you said all these finds were from

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