10 Most Incredible Discoveries From World War II!

From a ruined fighter plane found on a hike to a secret treasure hunted down on a remote Philippine island, here are ten of the most shocking and incredible discoveries from World War II!

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  1. The proper pronunciation of the British plane in #9 is a "bow"-fighter. The Battle of Santa Cruz Island took place near the Soloman Islands in the South Pacific, not off the California coast.

  2. I usually enjoy your videos but this time I have a gripe. I'm an Australian and the flag you showed for the Australian dog tags was from New Zealand , we Aussies find it somewhat insulting when someone gets our flag wrong. PS I don't remember any Tomcats flying during WW 2

  3. Number one, since when were F14s and F4s ever ww2 aircraft, I know America was late to both world wars but they weren't that late? 🤔🙄😳😲😬😆😁👎💩🇬🇧🇬🇧.

  4. The main pic looks like the B-2 spirit stealth bomber. USS hornet sunk RIP uss hornet. The USS Enterprise is the most successful carrier but was scrapped:(.

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