10 Biggest Mysteries From World War II That Have Finally Been Solved!

From submarines that went AWOL for decades, to strange blocks washing up on the beach in Florida, here are 10 mysteries from World War II that took decades to solve!

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  1. Love that shot of a submarine launched missile during the part about the Greyback. Submarine launched missiles didn't come about until 16 Sep 1955, 10 years AFTER the end of WWII.

  2. I really hate how the German gov just destroys anything related to ww2 that u boat with abandoned subs would be an amazing piece of history to save

  3. OK, the rubber blocks seem to have fins and what look like bolts or rivets holding them on, the ends of the blocks also look to be bolted on. How is that a rubber block?

  4. A lot of mistakes in this video. One in particular showing a big pile of car parts supposedly from a U boat.. 🙄

  5. How stupid can you be talking about American soldiers and showing German troops the whole time, not only that but you talk about discovering a B24 underwater and show a C47. Get your facts straight click bait..

  6. God I love how the thumbnail isn't even a ww2 sub. Just some old Soviet diesel electric from the early cold war period.

  7. Why did you show German Nazi soldiers when talking about American soldiers? could you not find American WW 2 GI reenactors? or was your agenda to besmirch American troops while telling this story?

  8. People didn't die on the Indianapolis men did. There were no women on board only men so stop demeaning service men by being PC.

  9. The brown B-24 shown after “Heaven Can Wait” is “Diamond Lil”. She still flies today with the Commemorative Air Force. My uncle is/was a crew member on her with the CAF.

  10. Worst video I’ve seen, just superficial facts combined with random pictures of nothing being spoken about, you may aswell show tellytubbies with the Excalibur theme song.

  11. The Japanese troops committed allowed to commit war crimes against POWs and civilians alike under Tojo’s command, like the Baton Death March. Like the Nazi Germany high command during the the post war trails were for war crimes.

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